architectural design
general design
energy expertise
Founded 2010


The place where I create, the place where the building is intended to, the people who it is formed by are determining. Unique and unrepeatable. Woven of invisible fibres. As light and shadow appears – pleasure or resistance evokes. They are sincere. They are vitalizing.

Architectural design is equal to specificity, to creating quality, independent from the scale. We provide comprehensive design and planning services to the costumers, including project preparations, authorisation, tender and execution plans, furthermore as general planning activity we supervise each project engineer. During the design process we take the environmental aspects and ecological opportunities into account, keeping not only the architectural appearance and utility, but also construction and maintenance costs in mind. We propose a design for a recent and future-proof building.

sándor jassó

Founder, CEO, Chief Architect Designer
Degree (1996)

Faculty of Architecture, Budapest University of Technology and Economist

Degree (2006)

DLA absolutorium, Budapest University of Technology and Economist

Teaching activity (2002-2012)

Invited lecturer Faculty of Architecture, Public Building Department

Public life (2012-2019)

Member of the Szentendre Municipal Chief Architect Council

Since 2019

STUDIO IN-EX, architecture studio leader